Welcome to the Official GameX Home Page!

GameX is a free, open-source game engine for developers of all levels. GameX was designed to provide a single object interface for all game functions, thus eliminating the need to develop sophisticated code using different low-level APIs for sound and graphics. In addition to ease-of-use, GameX is thoroughly documented and comes with extensive demos to support new game developers. This greatly simplifies game development, permitting simple games to be created in just one page of C++ code! Avoid coding to the DirectX or OpenGL APIs. Check out our demos!

In the Fall of 2002, the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University adopted GameX as its official platform for interdisciplinary education in computer game design courses. Since then, over 50 student games have been created with GameX, ranging from 2D games with multiple layers and sound effects to interactive 3D games. Many of these games were developed with GameX in less than one month.

The Game Design Initiative at Cornell (GDIAC) web site has a Gallery section which showcases many student games made with GameX.

Contributors to GameX envision it as the easiest way to get started making games. GameX is moving in the direction of becoming a universal game development platform, providing objects and commands for all aspects of game creation, including graphics, sound, music, physics, 2D grid maps, collision detection, path generation, terrain, kinematic characters, and networking for multi-player games. All from a single, easy to use object.

Currently, extensions are being developed for GameX that will permit cross-platform development and high-level functions for 3D games. A networking engine is also being developed for GameX. Visit our Info/F.A.Q section for a detailed history of contributions and an extensive list of current features. To get started making games, look in the Documentation section for installation instructions or to download working demos and tutorials from the Demos section!

For liscense details or commerical development, look here for complete GameX Terms of Use.