Imagination in Media Arts: 
Technological Constraints and Creative Freedom
R. Hoetzlein. (c) 2011. University of California Santa Barbara

This work examines the creative tools available for media artists, and the benefits and limitations they offer to artists. Luna is proposed as a novel system which co-locates distinct media in order to bridge disiplinary approaches to computer graphics. The system combines tasks in computer vision (video processing), gaming (interactive rendering), motion pictures (physical simulation), and biological systems (organic modeling), to create a real-time environment for work with media at a high level.

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Technophobia - Video project created entirely in real-time using Luna
Twisted Cubes - Video showing basic interaction in the Luna framework

Ch 1. Introduction and Overview - Motivation and approach to tools for media artists
Ch 2. Tools for the Visual Media Artist: A Survey - Examines existing tools for media artists and their constraints
Ch 3. LUNA: A Puzzle-Based Metaphor for Procedural Modeling - Presents the user interface and visual workflow of Luna
Ch 4. Procedural Modeling of Complex Objects - Introduces a novel language for procedural modeling of interactive systems
Ch 5. Creative Workflows for the Media Artist - Examines curernt workflows in media arts across a number of factors
Ch 6. Structure in Dynamic Media - Examines curernt workflows in media arts across a number of factors
Ch 7. Conclusions - Review of the major contributions and reflections on future directions