The Universe and Spaceships
Illustrated Book, age 10

The Universe and Spaceships is a previously unpublished, 37 page, illustrated book written at age 10. I recall being fascinated that the planets had both scientific facts and mythological stories, and my only memory is that I wanted to combine these scientific and mythical aspects in the book - along with spaceships! In retrospect, the scientific aspects are stronger than I remember. And, of course, the best part is my spelling.

The entire book can be viewed by scrolling down.

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1. Solar System
2. Galaxy and Nebulae
3. Spaceships
4. Telescopes, Meteors, and Stars
5. History
6. Constellation Mythology
7. The Moon
8. Meteorology
9. Planet Mythology

  Favorite quotes from the book:
"A ship has three stages. Stage one, stage two, and stage three."
  "The moon will turn so if you head right for it, it will be gone by the time you get there. So you will have to think ahead ."
  "Lighting is a shock. Thunder is clouds hitting each other."
  "A UFO is a spaceship or alien that is from another planet. It is like the movie E.T. Some people say they see UFO's but they really are kits or airplains. (kites or airplanes) "
  "Station on the moon. This is a project that nasa is working on. It is 5 domes maid (made) of some kind of thick metal."