GameX - Terms of Use

GameX is Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Rama C. Hoetzlein

Copyright (c) 2004 by Justin Pease

GameX is released under the GNU General Public License.

The following is a summary of the terms of the GNU Public License that is provided for your convenience and does not represent the license in it entirety. For complete terms, see This summary is provided as an overview and introduction to open source licenses for educational purposes and for students and teachers who intend to use GameX.

Open Source Licenses allow freely modifiable software, with source code, to be widely available by (1) maintaining the copyright of the developer(s) and (2) offering a "license to the public which gives anyone legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software". Open Source Licenses are based on the idea of relaxing the conditions of a standard copyright to permit modification, while allowing the original developer to maintain copyright over works created. One important feature of the GPL is that all derivative works based on open-source software also fall under the terms of the GNU public license, thus creating a network of freely modifiable open-source software which includes a history of all those who worked on the software. For complete terms of the GNU GPL, see the following web site:

Some of the implications of the GPL open source license for GameX include the following: (1) Anyone can freely download the software and use or modify the source code, so long as the copyright of previous developers is maintained. (2) If derivative software is to be re-released, the full source code, including any original source code, must also be re-released under the GPL along with the original copyrights. (3) This license does not prevent you from charging for your game (that is, selling it), however certain restrictions apply. There are two options for commercial sale of your game. See below. (Note: As class work, your university may prevent you from selling your software. See the copyright and ownership laws for your school.). (4) Downloading and/or modifying the source code constitutes acceptance of the terms of the license.

If you are an student or teacher using GameX academically, some of the implications of this are the following: (1) Students can use GameX to do homework assignments and learn game programming. (2) Students and teachers can modify the GameX core library and also re-release it, but it must be re-released under a GNU Public License, with all original source code. You must include the original copyrights in anything you re-release (in accordance with the GPL license). (3) Students and teachers can distribute games that are made with GameX so long as you include all the source code for your game, include the source code for the original GameX graphics engine, and also include the original copyrights.

If you are an individual or commerical developer with intent to sell your game, then either: (1) a GameX splash screen listing the copyright and names of contributors to GameX must be the first screen to appear in your game, and must appear for at least 5 seconds or (2) you can purchase a GameX license. Either of these options will permit you to sell your game and also keep your game source code closed. Contact Rama C. Hoetzlein for details, the GameX splash screen, or for pricing:


The GameX software and code is released as is, under the terms of the GNU Public License. This includes the disclaimer, which states that by downloading or modifying the GameX code you agree to the terms of the license, accept the software as is, and agree not to hold myself or other developers liable for the code. The GameX engine was not intended to be used as a professional game development library (although the license does not prevent you from selling games so long as you acknowledge the original copyrights and release all source code). No warranty is provided for the GameX engine, either written or implied. The code is provided as is. However, I continue (when I have time) to maintain and improve new releases of GameX, so please send me your comments, bug reports, or suggestions: Rama C. Hoetzlein,


This license was updated Feb 1st, 2004 and applies to all GameX downloads and games made after Feb 1st, 2004. Games developed with GameX before Feb 1st, 2004 fall under the previous GameX license which should be included in the version you downloaded.

Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Rama C. Hoetzlein